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Myanmar visa Extension Service

Myanmar Visa extension & renewal Service

When do you need Myanmar visa extension/renewal?

Myanmar visa extension will be done when your visa has expired or in other words, when you need to stay longer than the duration of your current visa. The visa renewal will be done when you would like to extend more than once, or to change your visa from single into multiple entry. We offer the visa extension / renewal service to help you to get it done more easily and quickly and to avoid any trouble/ difficulties you might encounter when you do it yourself.


What are the procedures for Myanmar visa extension?

The procedures for visa extension and renewal does not differ, kindly follow the below steps:

Step 1:  Send us a scan of your passport (with the current visa Myanmar page) via email support@gomyanmarvisa.comfor us to refer to the Myanmar Immigration to ask whether your visa can be extended or renewed or not. We will then inform you of the answer as soon as possible (via email/phone) and the total fee for your visa extension/renewal (if the answer is yes).

Step 2:  Bring your original passport to our Office in Hanoi or send it by guarantee letter after payment completion.

Step 3:   Wait a few days (from 3-5 working days) to get your passport back with the new visa stamped.

Should you have any further queries about Myanmar visa or Myanmar vacations, please feel free to contact us at 24/7 hotline +84.936.600.886 or +84.946.762.224. Or email us at, we are always willing to assist at our best.

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