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Myanmar travel tips: DOs and DON'Ts

Myanmar Travel tips: Dos and Don’ts

As a responsible tourist, you should  try to make sure that the people you meet enjoy your stay in their country as much as you do - or at least, that you do not offend your host. suggests the following guidelines for tourists:
  • Do say “Mingalarbar” when meeting someone, use  “U” in front of men names and “Daw” in front of women names;
  • Do let the oldest be served first;
  • Do offer articles with both hands and keep both feet on the ground;
  • Do bend slightly in front of the elders;
  • Do dress and act decently, speak slowly and clearly;
  • Do sit lower than a monk and elders;
  • Do show respect to monks, novices and nuns (even if they are children);
  • Do wear clothes to cover your shoulders, cleavages and legs while visiting temples and holy sites;
  • Do take off your footwear before entering temples and holy sites;
  • Do ask permission before taking photographs;
  • Do accept or give things with your right hand;
  • Don’t touch anybody’s head;
  • Don’t hug or kiss in public;
  • Don’t step over any part of a person, as it is considered rude;
  • Don’t offer to shake hands with monk, a woman should not touch a monk;
  • Don’t offer food to a monk, nun, or a novice after noon time;
  • Don’t touch women;
  • Don’t point a finger straight in the face;
  • Don’t step over any part of the person;
  • Don’t go where you are advised not to go;
  • Don’t traffic, handle, or use narcotic drugs;
  • Don’t sit with your back towards Buddha’s image;
  • Don’t step on a monk’s shadow;
  • Don’t handle Buddha images or sacred objects with disrespect or keep them in inappropriate places;

Other notices:

- You should not drink tap water. The tap water in Myanmar is not clean enough to drink. Also don’t drink water and soft drinks from opened bottles.

-If you purchase gems or any expensive souvenirs, make sure you get the export permit with them. Only purchase arts from authorized dealers and get certified receipt.

-Beware of cheats, swindlers, imposters. Always make the price clear with the dealers before paying. Don’t leave your expensive items in your room, use safe deposit box.

-If driving, city speed limit is 30 mph. Drive on the right side.

-Myanmar traditional food is often complained “oily” so tourists are suggested to eat in decent restaurants where Myanmar food is cooked with international standards.

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