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Benefits of Myanmar Visa Online (Myanmar eVisa)
To help visitors to Myanmar save their time and money on getting a Myanmar eVisa, the Myanmar Immigration Department
put Myanmar VISA online into use with modern electronic system in special advantages:

+ Time for processing: Online application for visa: 3 working days or even 1-5 hours, Embassy application: 10-14 days
+ Requirement: Online application for Visa online: 100% online, Embassy application: original passport required.
+ Time savings, no travelling for e-Visa, get visa stamped quickly and easily at the arrival ports in Myanmar.

To get your Myanmar eVisa now, you only need to follow all the simple and easy steps below:

Benefits when using
Gomyanmarvisa is ready here to satisfy more than 100,000 (Australian, US...) clients from all over the all and make sure that you will be the next one. Our service is highly appreciated about the quality, secure and convenience.

- Furthermore, with us -, you will get more benefits than other websites like:
  1. + 24/7 online application
  2. + No time limit.
  3. + Application revision and correction by visa experts before submission to the Myanmar Department of Immigration.
  4. + Simplified application process.
  5. + Privacy protection and safe form.
  6. + Support and Assistance 24/7 by E-mail and Hotline
  7. + Email Recovery of your eVisa in case of loss. has full Myanmar visa information for you.  Don't hesitate to contact us by 24/7 hotline or directly chat or email us to work with our well-educated and nice supporters. Surely will you find satisfied with us as NO WHERE BETTER THAN!

More Information Details:

1. General information

e-Visa Myanmar is required for almost foreigners who plan to enter Myanmar.
Myanmar e-Visa can be applied to get Myanmar approval letter online before traveling to get Myanmar e-Visa stamped at arrival airports or borders.
Myanmar e-Visa processing time is normally 3 working days. In case of urgency, you can upgrade the processing time in 2 working days, 1 working day or 5-working hours or only 1 working hour (available in the afternoon).
- The validity of e-Visa approval letter is 90 days from the issued date. If it is expired, entry will be denied.
- Length of stay is 28 days for e-Tourist visa or 70 days for e-Business visa (The length of stay is from the date of arrival in Myanmar).
- E-Visa is only valid for a single entry. Re-entry will require a new visa.
- Currently passengers with e-Visa are permitted to enter via one of 3 designated airports or 3 designated borders in Myanmar.

2. Myanmar visa requirements

- You will need the following before you apply:

  • Your passport validity must have at least (6) months.
  • You have to upload one COLOR PHOTO (4.8 cm X 3.8 cm) taken during last (3) months.
  • Visa, Master, American Express or JCB credit cards for the payment
- For business visa, you need submit:
  • Letter of Invitation to you from a registered company.
  • Company Registration of inviting company.
  • Certificate of Incorporation (For Local Company) or
  • Certificate of Registration of Branch Office (For Foreign Investment Company)
3. Myanmar visa types

The Myanmar Government has realized the significance of Myanmar visa, thus has soon facilitated and eased the application process for visa to Myanmar. They have put the Myanmar e-Visa on arrival (Myanmar Evisa) into effect, and allowed Myanmar visa online application for years now. This has helped Myanmar e-Visa applicants a lot to get Myanmar e-Visa application more easily and give a hand to strengthening the volume of travelers to Myanmar annually.

There are 2 kinds of Myanmar visa:
·         Myanmar e-Tourist visa – valid in 28 days
·         Myanmar e-Business visa – valid in 70 day

4.  Myanmar visa processing time

For those clients who need visa to myanmar, whether you are from America, the UK, Australia, or close to Myanmar like Thailand or Singapore, etc, you are offered NORMAL or even URGENT MYANMAR VISA SERVICE we make sure that your Myanmar visa approval letter (Myanmar E-Visa)  will be completed on time or even earlier than expected schedule. 

Depending on your need about the Bahrain eVisa in normal or urgent cases,  we are very glad to provide the following services:
- 3 working days for NORMAL service or 
- 2 working day for URGENT service or
- 1 working day for SUPER URGENT service or
- 5 working hours for SUPER URGENT service or
- 1 working hours for SUPER SUPER URGENT service (only available in the afternoon)

5.  Myanmar visa fees
Currency: USD 

Normal (3 working days - from Monday to Friday) Urgent (2 working days - from Monday to Friday) Urgent (1 day -from Monday to Friday) Super Urgent (5 hours - from Monday to Friday) Super urgent (1 hour - from Monday to Friday)
Myanmar E-visa - Tourist Purpose- 28 days 85 plus 0 plus 70 plus 90 plus 110 plus 140
Myanmar E-visa - Business Purpose- 70 days 110 plus 0 plus 70 plus 90 plus 110 plus 140


If you need any further information about Myanmar visa or Myanmar vacations, feel free to contact us at our hotline 

 +84.903.278.853 (available 24/7) 
 +61(2) 80.056.056 (from 8AM to 6pm Myanmar time UTC+06:30)
 +1.(914) 619.5456 (from 8AM to 6pm Myanmar time UTC+06:30)
Or email us at, our Customer-Care Consultants will respond within 2 hours during working time and 24 hours outside working time (GMT+06:30).

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