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Myanmar eVisa Form - Introduction

Myanmar eVisa form is an official online form for travelers to get their visa in order to enter Myanmar through 3 international airports. Before arriving at Myanmar, it is important to apply online with this form on our website, all required information should be filled clearly in the form. After 3 working days, you will receive an approval letter via your email, printing the letter out and then you can get your passport stamped by Myanmar Immigration Officer at the airports.
You can find the form to apply here.

Instruction to fill  Myanmar eVisa form
Step 1:
1 – Date of Arrival and Arrival Airport: date and name of the airport your flight will be landing
2 – Type of visa: tourist or business visa or transit visa
3 – Processing time: please choose the option you prefer (the price will be higher for shorter time)
Step 2:
1-Please upload one passport photo to the “Your image" box on the top right of the Applicant Details page.

2-Full name: as shown in your passport and must write in CAPITAL
Eg: JENNY GARDEN (not Jenny Garden)

3- Nationality: Write all nationalities if you have more than one.
Eg: United States / United Kingdom (not American or British)

4– Gender: your gender as shown in your passport.

5-Date of birth: write in mm/dd/yyyy order.

6-Country of birth: the country where you were born

7-Occupation: your current job

8-Permanent Address: the address you are living in your current country

9– Country: the country you’re living in

10– Postal code: the postal code of the area you’re living in.

11- Hotel name and address in Myanmar: name and detailed address of the hotel you have booked to stay in Myanmar

12- Company name: name of the company inviting you to Myanmar (for business evisa only)

13- Contact number: phone numbers of the company inviting you to Myanmar (for business evisa only)

14 – Letter invitation : the letter of invitation you received from the company inviting you to Myanmar (for business evisa only)

15- Company registration: the registration document of the company inviting you to Myanmar (for business evisa only)

16- Passport No*: the number of your passport

17- Date of Issue: as shown in your passport

18- Country of Issue: please choose the country in which your passport was issued.

19- Date of Expiry: as shown in your passport
To get better support, please fill out all the required details in the “Contact Information” session of the Applicant Details page after finishing 19 required fields above. 

Your application will be processed right after your payment is successful.

Should you need any further information about Myanmar Visa, feel free to contact us at +84.903.278.853  (available 24/7). Or email us at, our Customer-Care Consultants will respond within 2 hours during working time and 24 hours outside working time (GMT+7)

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