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Myanmar Visa Tips

 Myanmar visa Tips 


If you are going to travel to Myanmar on vacation, or for business, it’d be best to apply for a Myanmar visa online to save your precious time and money. We provide here the key Myanmar visa tips for your reference so as to have a favorable first step to Myanmar.

One of the first important Myanmar visa tips that one needs to know before making application is that Myanmar Visa is normally required for most foreigners. If you apply for visa Myanmar online, to get your visa stamp you need to enter Myanmar through 3 international airport: 

✈ Yangon Airport
✈ Mandalay Airport 
✈ Nay Pyi Taw Airport

Though getting visa for Myanmar today is much easier, there are a few other main Myanmar visa tips you are advised to remember before applying for visa to Myanmar to avoid any unexpected circumstances:

        -    Double check whether you are citizen of a country listed in Myanmar visa exemption or not by clicking the Check requirement box

        -    Make sure that your passport has at least 6 months validity with left space for visa stamping

        -   Book a flight before making the Myanmar visa application if you apply for visa on arrival to Myanmar.

        -  Make sure to apply for Myanmar visa one or two weeks in advance to avoid unexpected troubles or extra costs for urgent/rush service.

       -  The Myanmar visa requirements change quite often, thus you’d better double check before traveling

       -   In case you would like to directly visit the Embassy to get your Myanmar visa, don’t be hasty since it often takes more time than Myanmar visa online application.

       -  Your personal appearance partly influences the Airport Immigration’s reception to you. For instance, if you wear shorts or scruffy clothing, or look untidy, or just look a bit different from your photos, you can be in trouble. So, the Myanmar visa applicants are advised to try the best to look 'respectable'.



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